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About Speeda

Speeda began as a web design company with the goal to offer clients quality customer service while designing attractive custom built websites (whatever the size of the project undertaken). As time progressed we found ourselves developing numerous ecommerce websites, which ultimately opened up the possibility to develop an entire platform.

We assessed the market and compared the available ecommerce companies with popular retail websites and found the shop design templates we’re substandard. Our research showed that customer service was severely lacking and generally used to upsell rather than help. Additionally, the software we tested required you to spend hours trying to create a decent looking shop and this further excited us to developer our own platform.

In 2009 development of our ecommerce software began with the following key principles:

  1. Outstanding value for money
  2. An optimised intuitive system using the latest framework and technology
  3. Easy to use and understand
  4. Truly professional and customisable shop themes
  5. Secure shopping cart and back-end system
  6. Reliable customer support

Based on years of experience and studies we understand key elements of selling online and as a growing company will drive innovation forward by continually improving our software. Speeda will keep costs down to a minimum for our clients to give the best possible chance of success. Hosted ecommerce software from just £19.99 per month is a small outlay in comparison to renting physical units or hiring a web designer.

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