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Managing Shopping Comparison Data Feeds

Using comparison websites can be an easy way to increase your website traffic and therefore make more sales; we offer many comparison sites for you to use, you will need to sign up to the comparison websites listed  in the admin panel unlees you are already a member.

1. Go to the shopping comparison website and sign up or log in

2. follow the steps to activate your account, with some this will be immediate and others may take a few days

3. Log in to your shop admin and navigate to the shopping comparison tab, select the site you have registered with and click on “details” a link has appeared under “data feed location”, you must copy the feed and then go back to your shopping comparison website and paste into the required field. Speeda updates data feeds every 24hrs so any new product you have added will be listed on the day.

Google Shopping Only: (This action only applies if you are using Google)

Google Shopping requires you to create a category path for your products, when adding a new product, in the Data tab window are options you must use for your product to be included automatically in the Google website, these are “Data Feed Settings” Click to generate category, you have now opened a new tab.

Navigate through the categories until the path ends, for example: Clothing > Men’s Clothing >Jumpers > Knitted Jumpers. Once you have finished the navigation, copy the code from the text field and go back to your shop, paste the code into the window, you have completed the data feed section and can move on.

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