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Adding Links To The Menu Bar

Log In to your Admin Panel and click the Design icon, with the mouse, move to the left of your menu area until your editing buttons appear, click on the Edit Button. You are now in the editing window where you can see all the links that appear on your menu bar.

Add New Link
Click on “Add New Link”, You are now ready to add a new link to your menu area.

Link Title
Input the name of your link For example, if you are going to use a category then you might want to call the link by the same name.

Dropdown Direction
Choose left or right to determine which side the dropdown menu will appear.

Show Menu Link
Choose when this link will appear. This is typically used to show login or logoff links.

Which page or website will this link to
From the dropdown menu select “pages within my shop”

Type of Page
From the dropdown menu select “category”

Choose Category
From the dropdown menu select the Category or Sub category you wish to link, click the save button when finished. You can now see the link appear on your menu bar. For more information on how to add dropdown menus click here.

The video is showing how to create menu links,dropdown boxes and how to add your categories to the dropdown areas.


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