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Adding Sideboxes

The side boxes are completely editable; you can change colours, styles and font to your text, also upload a background image or choose images from the Speeda gallery. Make a solid colour or gradient and have a pattern over the top, round off the edges of your side boxes and re-position your text plus have your side boxes transparent, there are plenty of options to create a great looking side box for your website without the need for coding experience.

Log In to your Admin Panel and click the Design icon, you can add a sidebox to home, category, account, information, blog and checkout pages, you must firstly navigate to the page you want to add the sidebox on then click the “Add” icon which is on the design mode bar (located at the bottom of your page next to theme) and then click the sidebox tab.

Adding To
displayed will be information as to where you are adding your sidebox

Choose which side you want to add the sidebox

Type of Sidebox
Choose the type of sidebox you want to add then click save.
Your sidebox has appeared on the selected page, you can now go to the page and edit the colours, text and position of the sidebox

  Custom Sidebox

You can add your own custom sidebox where you can insert images, text, videos, you can choose between 2 different layouts, Global design which has a separate header area or layout which is transparent. Simply choose New Custom sidebox from the options when adding a new sidebox.

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