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Creating New Product Templates

When adding a new product you will be able to design a product page but first of all you must save a template for the product page, Add a new product as normal, when you reach the Data Window click on “Page Template” dropdown menu and select “Create New Template”

Template Name
Choose a name for your template

Copy From
You will need to choose which template to copy, with variants or without variants templates are typical choices.
When you have finished adding your new product, in design mode navigate to the product page, at the bottom of the page you will see the name of your template and you can change edit anything on the product page, this will save only to that product, Once you have finished designing the product page you can apply it to other products by either editing or when adding another product.

When you have created a new product template it is important to know that is perfectly ok to change positions of elements to avoid any overlapping and you know the positions for that template, therefore you can use it for multiple products, Altering the size, colours, background or styles will show on every product page.

The purpose of product templates is to allow you have different layouts for your product pages. For instance, certain products have variants which are selectable via dropdown menus and you may need to create space for the variants window to avoid overlapping

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