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How to list products on eBay

Our eBay integration allows you to list products on eBay from within Speeda and configure settings for each individual item such as categories, pricing and descriptions. With one click you may submit 100 products to eBay and the system will automatically sync stock levels.

Step 1: Setup an eBay template
- Navigate to "Products" and then click "eBay Templates" at the top of the window.
- Click "Add eBay Template"
- Give the template a name and then fill out the form. Set your options such as delivery prices, payment options and auction type.

- Don't worry, your not required to create a new template for each product

Step 2: Assign the template to your products
- Go back to the products table by clicking "Back to Products" on the bottom bar
- Find a product you wish to list on ebay and click the edit button.
- Once the edit product window is loaded, view the "Data" tab and scroll down to "Ebay Settings"
- Find the "Ebay template" dropdown option and select the template name we added in step 1.

- In the same area, set the "Main Category" and "Auction Title" options. You will see plenty of other settings, which you may configure if required.
- Click "Save Changes". If you have more products to list, find them now and repeat this step.

Step 3: Submit your products
- Go back to the products table
- Tick the box beside products from step 2 to select them
- Click "List" > "Sell on ebay" on the blue bulk actions bar (bottom of your screen).
- A confirmation window will popup with the title "Products ready to list", so now click "
List Products on eBay"

Step 4: Confirm your listings
- Click "Integrations" at the bottom of your screen and navigate to "ebay"
- Click "Uploads"
- At the top of the list you will find the upload from step 3
- Wait for the status of the upload to show "Confirm listing fees" and then click the button (this could take upto 5 minutes). While waiting you may close the window and continue using Speeda. If the status changes to "Failed", there was a problem and the products will not be listed. You can view the error messages for each product by clicking the magnifying glass icon.
- A window will popup showing the estimated listing fees - click "Confirm Listing".
- Your products have now been submitted to ebay and will show under the "Live" tab.

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