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How to import eBay auctions into my shop

Note: If you want to track stock levels and update your eBay listings on the fly you should always create auctions from within Speeda. Live auctions imported from eBay will not synchronise stock levels or listing data, as eBay doesn't allow the tracking method to be modified. After you import from eBay, If you end the auctions and then relist through Speeda, the product's tracking will be activated.

You may import 100 eBay auctions at a time into your Speeda shop.

Step 1: Click "Import Auctions"
- Navigate to "Integrations" and then click the "Import Auctions" button.
- After you click this button you will see a loading icon. You may continue using Speeda and do not have to leave the window open.


Step 2: Click "Finish Import" & Map Categories
- Keep checking your integrations window and click the button from step 2 when it shows "Finish Import". This may take up to 10 minutes.
- A popup window opens asking you to "map categories".
- Select your categories and then click "Finished".


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