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How To Add A Product:

Log In to your Admin Panel and click the products icon, on the top left of the window click the add product icon, you are now ready to add the new product which has 9 tabs you will go through to get your product into your shop, when adding any information to your tabs it will stay until you press save product allowing you to float between areas. If you are using similar items then you can save and copy the product multiple times.

Information Tab:

Product Name
Add the title of your product

Add a code for you and customers to reference the product

Model Number
Your item may have a product number which can be useful to add

Add a brand to your product, if you want to set your own, click brands at the top of the products window.

Product Description
Insert the product description, you can also images , videos etc to your page.

Data Tab:

“Live” will show your product when you save, “hidden” will not show product in your shop, tick the appropriate box. If you are hiding a product you can un-hide it in your product window when it is ready to go live.

Page Template
Add the required template you wish to use for this product or add a new one!!  Click Here For more information on how to use page templates.

Product Type
Click the dropdown box to choose an option, normal product is a product like: clothing, shoes, bags, jewellery etc. Downloadable product is: videos, mp3, pdf, image files etc. All files must be compressed to a zip file except for mp3, pdf and image files.

Date Available
Click “Immediately” if your product is in stock and ready to dispatch: “choose date” will open a calendar where you can set a date for when your product is back in stock, you can tick the box: “Allow Purchase” to take payment in advance.

Selling Price
Actual price of the product

Normal Price
Add a price you were selling the product for before you reduced the item (0ptional) this is helpful to show customers they are getting value for money

Add the recommended retail price

Tax Class
Click “none” if you do not want tax added to your product, if you choose “standard UK tax” the field below will automatically calculate the tax to be added from the selling price window, you can add different tax bands in the admin panel under settings.

Cost Price
Add the cost price of your product, (optional) this is purely for the dashboard profit calculator to work out your margins and help you keep tabs on revenue, this does not appear on your product pages.


Quantity In Stock
Use quantity in stock if your product does not require variants with different stock levels.

Minimum Order Quantity
Set the least amount a customer can order, (leave as 0 for unlimited Quantity)

Maximum Order Quantity
Set the maximum amount a customer can order, (leave as 0 for unlimited Quantity)

Quantity Increment: (optional)
If your product comes in packs then you can add the pack amount in this window:

Quantity Unit
Add the quantity unit

Total Product Weight
Add the weight of your product, (optional) this is used for shipping methods that calculate the delivery cost by weight. You can add more shipping methods in the admin panel under settings.


These pages are stored in the product page and will help your ranking in search engines Product Title
Enter the product title

Page Keywords
Add the keywords you will be using for your product

Page Description
Write a short description about your product which will appear on search engines


Assign you product to categories and sub categories by ticking the boxes, sub categories have an icon next to the name.


Main Image
Click the browse button to find the image you want to use; this will appear in the image window when uploaded.

Additional Images
Add extra images to your product, you can add multiple images and these will appear in the image window when uploaded.


Click on the title of the variant you want to use, this will open the variants inside the title, click the plus button to assign the variant and you will see it move to added variants on the right. you can change SKU, model numbers, price, weight or quantity; also you can hide variants from the product page at any time. Using the stock monitor is helpful for you to be alerted when the product is running out, turn stock monitor on and then input the threshold amount, you will be alerted on your dashboard when the product is running low.

On each variant there is an option to add quantity of stock and also monitor the stock level, if you choose to monitor stock level then you can input the stock threshold: Example - If the stock threshold is set at 5 then you will be alerted when you have only 5 left in stock (this alert will show in Low Stock on the dashboard or in the products window) and is useful for popular products that sell quickly and are regularly stocked. Turn off the stock level monitor if you do not wish to use this option, however the system will not monitor the product.


Choose Attributes
Click on the dropdown menu to choose the attribute you wish to use, add the fields to the attribute by clicking on the titles or
fill in the details of the product if you you are using text fields.

Cross sell Products:

Select the product from the Category or Brand window, you can also use the search option to find the product, click add and you will see the product move to a new window , you have now added the item which will show on the product page.


Choose how the system will calculate which label to show for this product. If you choose the first option the software will automatically detect which labels match the product and then show the label with the highest priority. For instance: every "auto" label (such as best sellers, new, save percentage etc) will display on products without you having to manually assign them.

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