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Choosing Email Accounts

You can either choose to use Speeda as your email client or you can use an external account such as Microsoft Outlook. the choice is up to you and the only difference is if you choose speeda then the emails will appear in your admin panel under "mail".

To set up an Email account through Speeda go to "mail" then click on "manage email accounts". add your email address and then save changes you can only add email addresses when your domain name is live. once you have completed this step it takes about 24 hours to become active

If you choose to use your existing email client then nothing will change but if you want notifications of orders etc you will have to set your email account in "settings" to direct your traffic.


When your External email becomes active you will have to add your usrname and password so Speeda can connect with your email account, Please check the details are correct multiple failed connections can result in our system refusing you any access for 24 hours for security reasons due to incorrect usernam or passwords.



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