How To Make An Online Shop

If your looking to start an online shop, you will come across plenty of boring advice that leaves you more confused than when you started reading. The last thing you want to do is spend months learning about things you never intended to know. In this article you will find out how anyone can quickly design, launch and manage their own eye caching, feature-rich and successful online shop without any experience.

You have three options

  • Hire a web design company: In theory, hiring a web design company is a fantastic idea, providing you have around £20,000 (minimum) in cash lying around! Unfortunately, the majority of us don't have the funds and furthermore, how much extra will you be charged for adding new content, products or pages? Once the web design company knows you've invested thousands into the business, do you really believe their next strategy will be to back-off without attempting to charge more? Infact, web design companies generate a huge percentage of their profit after the initial sale. Try phoning an established web design company and saying "I don't have much money at all, what can you do for me?".
  • Free ecommerce software: Free software sounds excellent, however don't get too excited unless you know how to setup and monitor everything (domain names, hosting, installation, upgrades, security, maintenance and more). You'll be storing customer information within a database and therefore its down to you to ensure that data is protected correctly. What happens if all of a sudden your website goes down? Do you know what to check and how to fix the problem? If the answer was "yes" then you wouldn't be reading this article. If your not experienced and use "free software" then prepare to lose your business overnight when a hacker locates a flaw in the system or you experience any type of glitch. "Free software" (also known as "open source") is the perfect cocktail for a hacker because the source code is readily available online and once your shop is hacked (it will be) you'll quickly realise how unsafe using this type of software is.
  • All-in-one shop builder: The final option is paying monthly for an online shop builder, where you can manage your entire shop from one location using tried and tested ecommerce software. In short, without any technical knowledge you can manage everything related to your shop, such as the design, products and delivery costs by logging into the software, from anywhere with an internet connection. Since your paying for the service, you'll receive free technical support and your not responsible for the advanced things like hosting, maintenance and security.

The best option for your online shop

It's fairly obvious, the easiest option is using an all-in-one shop builder, as it takes all the stress out of the equation and you can test-drive software before purchasing. There are a number of companies offering all-in-one solutions, however its vital to understand, the success of your ecommerce website is entirely dependent on the number of sales you make. The better looking and easier to navigate your website is, the higher the number of sales and returning customers you'll receive. Its crucial the software your using isn't complicated to understand and includes the ability produce an outstanding retail website.

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