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What is Speeda?

Speeda is an ecommerce platform offering everything required to design, launch and manage an online shop. The software is hosted on our secure servers and customers pay on a monthly basis without any contractual commitments.

Starting as a web design company, we've always had the vision of creating an amazing shopping cart system. Development begun in 2009 with a dedicated focus on achieving robust features missing from other platforms and we believe our system can compete with any large retailer in all aspects of design, ecommerce features and back-end administration.

From past experience, we knew people looking to sell online wanted something easy to use and didn't like to deal with the complexities of either programming, hosting and security. With this in mind, our software was built to address these needs by making everything possible without technical knowledge and ensuring all windows inside the software are easy to follow.

One of the key ideas for Speeda was to synchronise information from within every administration panel window, for example you can open an email from a customer and in the same window view and edit anything related to that person, such as orders, information and email history.

Our Mission

The goal for Speeda is to become the leading ecommerce platform and in order to achieve this we're sticking to the following ethos:

  • Continually evolve the software while keeping to our "easy to use without limitations" principle.
  • Never charging extra than the agreed package price
  • Ensure clients feel supported by our customer service
  • Providing a secure platform for our clients and their customers.
  • Keeping our clients informed
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